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About Us

Little About Us

We are a double Gold Award winning 2022 daycare in the Glen Abbey area near Third Line and QEW.  The center accommodates 54 children ages 1-6 years in 4 classrooms:  1 Infants, 2 Toddlers and 1 Preschoolers. We offer full-time and part-time programs to meet the needs of working parents.


We provide a supportive and safe environment, where your child can feel welcome, safe, and loved.  Experienced Certified Early Childhood Education Teachers guide children in developing their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. We provide a natural, nurturing and stimulating setting that allows for learning, exploration, social interactions and lots of play and fun. 

We prepare your child for a lifetime of learning!

When your child joins us for their early education, you can feel confident that we’re going to make their experience as rich and rewarding as possible. Annual assessments are one way we make sure we’re helping your child meet their academic and social-emotional milestones or make up for interrupted learning. Plus, the assessments give teachers and families focused insight on your child’s strengths and areas for growth. 

Award Winner 2022 Oakville Community Votes

Our Teachers 

All of our staff meet or exceed the province's requirements for educational achievement. Every classroom is headed by a Register Early Childhood Educator, RECE, in good standing with the College of ECEs. Additional staff have either formal training in early childhood education or equivalent training and experience. Staffing levels are maintained by continuous training and development.

    Nadia Cueva     



Nadia Cueva is a Register Early Childhood Educator with a Bachelor Degree in Early Childood Leadership.

With over 12+ years of experience working with diverse group of children ages 1-12 including children with exceptionalities.

It all started in a home daycare where she found a passion for her profession and wanted to take things to the next level, and share her passion with likeminded people bringing stellar care and learning abilities to young minds who are waiting to GROW.

Assistant Director

ECE in Charge

Eloisa Cordero


Eloisa Cordero  has a passion for cooking and loves to be surrounded by children.

She is an expert in latin food but she enjoys to explore new cusines.  

She loves expending time with the children and she teaches them Spanish

Kathy Benedik


Katty is is a dedicated and conscientious early childhood educator. She also works for the Halton School Board.  She is proficient in curriculum planning and implementation, documentation and individual program plan assessment.  Committed to providing a positive and supportive inclusive learning environment for all children.

Pawanpreet Kaur


Pawan was born in India.  She taught  Kindergarten there which motivated her to come to Canada and explore more about the child philosophy and development.  She studied ECE in Montreal, starting her passion in this field in Canada.

Maria Jude Hamilton


Maria is an Early Childhood assistant with a bachelor's degree in sociology. She starte​d her journey taking care o​f children by running a home daycare for children ages 6 months to 12 years old. 

After 20 years as a home daycare owner she decided to join Oshi's daycare to share her passion of working with children. 

She is looking forward to forming special bonds with each child.

Infant room's  Teachers

Zusan Akel


Sue, got her credentials at Stratfod Career Institute. She is Palestinian and has many y​ears​ of experience.

Her passion is working with children.

Yulia Novak


Yulia was born in Ukraine.  She has a bast experience in the childcare system in Canada  

Violeta Correa


Violeta is at her last year of Early Childhood Education program.  She is "amazed with children's perspectives and how every child sees the world".  She loves to share her knowledge about early childhood education with parents and to put in practice everything she has learned while at the same time supporting children's thinking, learning and autonomy.

Toddler's 1 Teachers

Ivy Ho


Ivy graduated from Sheridan College with honours Oakville.  

She has been working and building her second career  in Canada with children from birth and of up to 6 years of age. She has experiences working at Centres using major approaches and curricula, namely the emerging, Montessori and  Reggio Emilia.

Camila Giron


Camila was born in Colombia.  She is a psychologist and worked in many social projects to promote the well-being of children and their human rights in Colombia.  Currently she is in her first year of Early Childhood Education .  She loves to take care of the children under their physical and mental integrity. 

Toddler's 2 Teachers

Harminder Kaur


Harminder is an Early Childhood Educator with a Nursery Background.

She found her passion of taking care of children while she was caring for them in a hospital in​ India. There is when she decided to learn more about development and help them grow. When she came to Canada she did her ECE certificate and now is fulfilling her dream.​ 

Muskan Bakshi


Muskan has a Master of Education from Lakehead University.  She is a committed daycare teacher who is passionate about delivering planned lessons to children.  She is focused and driven to promote student improvement through continuos academic progress monitoring.

Viviana Montejo


Viviana Montejo is an Early Childhood Assistant with over 5+ years of experience working with children ages 1 to 12 years old and is also a mother of 3. 

Viviana speaks Spanish fluently, she spent some of her time teaching English as a second language to children in her home country Costa Rica. 



Iram Salam

ECA​ Supply

Iram has a bachelor's degree in Economics,  Islamic Studies, and in  (B.E.D) Education. Her  passion is to work with children.  

She loves interacting with children and encouraging them to grow in their cognitive, physical and emotional capacities. 

She uses different strategies and techniques to bring their education to the next level. 

Hannah Muir

ECA Supply

Hannah is in her last year of Early Childhood Education at Sheridan College. 

Helena Liu

ECA Supply

Helena was born in China, There she worked in a safety medicine foundation that focuses on Children.

She believes that the care and companionship given to children should be loving and meaningful, because this can benefit children for a lifetime. . Let's cheer together, accompany and care for the lovely children!



Nourhan Abdelgawad

ECA​ Supply

Nourhan has 7 years of teaching experience.  She is very creative and an amazing baker.